Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Night

Our newest neighbors are!  They are an elderly retired military couple who LOVE to decorate for every holiday/event!

They moved here last October from Georgia with the biggest U-Haul available, which was filled with only Halloween and Christmas decorations!  Can you imagine renting and driving a U-Haul filled with only decorations?!   This is their "first" year decorating here for Halloween and boy, did they decorate! (Last year's Christmas was insane too!)  They installed a black rod iron fence (just for Halloween) that surrounds their entire front yard, then filled it inside with every imaginable Halloween decoration available on the market!       

The process began on the first day of Fall and within a few days we had a Scooby Doo scene down the street, with lights and music that begin every night at 5pm.   It's quiet a scene and has become a local hotspot!


The girls decided to be Daphne and Velma this year for Halloween...perfect costumes for pictures in our neighbor's yard!


After our photo shoot, we headed downtown for some spooky fun! 

Parading around town, making noise, while gathering treats from local businesses! 


It was so nice that main street was blocked off, so the kids could enjoy walking around without worrying about traffic!  It was even nicer to see all the kids out having a great time with their parents and seeing so many local businesses participating. 

Stopping by our favorite local business downtown, the toy store!! 

We ended the evening with a spooky story told my a local business owner outside under the starry night with more treats! 

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