Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fieldtrip #2: Children's Museum

Our last two field-trips have been canceled!  The first one, we were heading to a Nature Center and Woodland Garden, but it was canceled due to a lot of rain!  Then, the following week, our second field-trip to a local farm and pumpkin patch was canceled due to more rain!  The girls were so disappointed, so we decided to make our own field-trip...we headed to the Children's Museum! 

 The girls favorite part of the museum is at the house!  They cook, clean, and even fold laundry!

Working on the farm...




Heading to the garden for fresh vegetables!



The girls can't get enough of the twisty slide! 


Around town...

 Izzie, the future meteorologist!

Working on and fixing the car!

Mac enjoying the art station!  They always create such cute projects! 

Mac, my future dramatic actress!  Seriously, she's so dramatic!  

We had an amazing rainy day at the museum!  It was a great replacement field-trip!!

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