Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dog's Colorful Day

One of Izzie's favorite books is Dog's Colorful Day. It's a cute book that reinforces colors and numbers (1-10). I found the idea to make this interactive board here. At first, while I read the book to Izzie, she would complete the interactive board....removing the correct color and placing it on Dog and then counting the number of color spots on Dog and putting the correct numeral on the board. By the end of the week, she was reading the book and completing the interactive board by herself! I loved sitting back and watching her take the lead.

More Dog's Colorful Day activities...

Learning to recognize and spell the color words with letter tile cards. I've been wanting to buy/create a Montessori style movable alphabet for activities like this. However, I was super excited when I came across the magnetic letters in this case at a used curriculum's perfect!

The vowels are red and constants are black. It also includes blends and punctuation.

To help retell the story, she completed this emergent reader.

And, for math, she completed these addition cards. She used her magnetic pompoms to help figure out the total.


  1. We have this book out from our library right now. My son really likes it and it is perfect for helping to teach colors. Another similar book you might like is Pete the Cat.

  2. awesome ideas! We haven't read that book yet. We will have to try to find it.


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