Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool: Letter L and Shapes

This week, Izzie has been learning about the letter "L", number "2", sight word "see", and shapes! Her Bible Verse for the unit is from Raising Rock Stars (Letter L).

Science this week...learning about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Detailed post here.

Writing and Phonics...with crafts too!

She is becoming so focused on her "school work" and really enjoys writing! Here she is practicing writing the letter L on her dry-erase board (4 pack/$1 at Target).

Sorting capital and lowercase lollipop letters...printable found here.

We had a fun time picking out books this week for the Letter L. We read several books about llamas and completed a capital L llama craft (more pictures here).

Here's here lowercase lollipop letter "i".

And, for her stART project, she created a lion made from circles!

This week for Math, Izzie focused on writing the number 2, skip counting by 2's, and reviewing shapes.

She learned to skip count by 2's! Printable handout here.

She completed a lot of math workbook sheets this week and LOVED it!!

One of her favorite activities was completing this wipe-off shapes activity book. I appreciate these types of books...she can do the pages over and over again!!

I printed off a traceable shapes page and slid it into a page protector to help her draw the shapes. She's really good at drawing circles and squares by herself.

Completing her shapes pocket chart. These wonderful shape cards can be found here! There are several more shapes that are included, but I chose to have her only focus on square, circle, triangle, and rectangle.

Working on her shelf here to see this week's shelf activities...all about shapes!

Another simple way to review shapes...

Other activities this week included...

Ballet and Tap lessons!

She had the best time and asks at least 100 times a day, "Is it Saturday, yet?"

Water-color painting with Mac.

Playing Sorry! Her newest favorite game!

My favorite picture of the week!

Izzie is 48 months old

To see more Preschool activities, head over to Homeschool Creations!

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