Friday, September 17, 2010

Kitchen Renovation

We've been doing a lot of projects around the house this summer. I'm really really good at having about 20 projects happening at one time....which, takes forever to get one completed! However, the kitchen is finally finished!!

My husband and I did 90% of the work and my Dad helped with the other 10%.

Before pictures...

We have a galley style kitchen.

After pictures...

Our tasks included:

1. Painting the walls a neutral color (Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot).

2. Replacing the old countertops. I thought this was going to be impossible to do by ourselves, but after finding out the installation price that Lowes was going to charge, we were determine to do it ourselves. It was super simple and anyone can do it! Unscrew screws under countertop and lift off countertop...yep, it's that simple to remove! Then simply place new countertop down, screw in screws underneath and you're done. Seriously, it took a total of 30 minutes for removal and installation of the new countertops on and we had three separate countertops to install. Well, the one with the sink was a little trickier...unplugging dishwasher and garbage disposal, but still very doable by non-handymen!

3. Installation of a glass tile backsplash. This is our third home and I've always wanted a backsplash, so I decided to do one myself and I think it turned out great! Again, it was much easier than what I expected it to be. Around the outlets was a little tricky and grouting in between the million tiles took forever, but it was worth the many hours!

4. To cut cost, we kept our old sink, but added a fabulous faucet!

I love the way it has an adjustable head and two different spraying options. Thanks Dad for installing the new faucet!

5. We changed the hardware on the cabinets.

6. Replaced the white outlets with brown outlets. Again, thanks Dad for all the electrical work!

7. Finally....accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. I really like the bamboo dishrack and paper towel holder. I jazzed up some basket canisters from a yard sale and made the curtain.

I absolutely love the way the our kitchen turned out and love it even more that my husband and I did most of the work and it still turned out!!

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  1. Very nice! I've always wanted a backsplash, too...but don't have one.


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