Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's On The Shelf? Shapes!

This week's shelf theme is all about shapes!

Izzie is 48 months old. Her shelf activities...

Melissa and Doug shape sorter. For now, I'm only having her "name" the common shapes...square, circle, rectangle, triangle, star, and oval.

I'm not sure the brand of this pegboard (yard sale find for $1).

Instead of making the shapes, Izzie preferred to make patterns with the pegs. Notice her tap shoes? She started tap lessons on Saturday and hasn't taken off her tap shoes!

Melissa and Doug: Beginner Pattern Blocks

Melissa and Doug Shape Puzzle

After our trip to Target, her tap shoes were replaced by her new Dora flotation suit!

Once Izzie completes the puzzle, she hands it over to Mac, who removes the puzzle pieces and places them back into the basket...teamwork!

Mac is 19 months old. This week's activities...

Stacking Blocks and Stacking Cups

Sorting squares by color. I found these little squares at Target (50 for $1) in the dollar aisle. I simply taped color squares to the tray and showed her how to match the colors.

She was more interested in stacking the blocks and then knocking them down!

One of her favorite toys...Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker.

Fisher Price Shape Sorter

I like removing the top from the bottom, so the shapes do not fall through. It helps her see what shapes have been used and what slots are still available.


  1. hi, I love your blog!! where did you find the plastic trays? ( green and blue)??

  2. Por Tu Gracia: I found them last summer at Dollar General for $1 a piece.

  3. that was a great buy...I have been looking for them cheap..I can't find them.


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