Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homemade Accessories...

As most people know, I'm a bargain shopper, who gets super excited when I find great deals!

I purchased these placemats at Walmart on clearance for only 25 cents each!! I really didn't need anymore placemats...so, I started to brainstorm and decided to use them to make a curtain for our newly renovated kitchen...

I sewed one end of each placemat, in order to slide it onto the curtain rod. I only used three of the four that I purchased. Once all three placemats were on the curtain rod, there was a little slit in between each placemat that I wasn't real happy about, so for a quick easy fix, I glued a brown ribbon ($3.99 at Michael's...I did use a 50% off coupon) down where the slits were. Done! A new kitchen curtain for $2.75

Well, once the curtain was finished...I had all this brown ribbon left over and had to use it! So, I started looking around for a project...

I then noticed the 3 basket canisters that I had bought at a yard sale earlier this summer for only $4 and the plastic containers were included inside too! As you can tell, I really didn't need these either, as I haven't placed anything inside the first two canisters! But, they were a great deal...except, the smallest one has a little hole on top.

Umm...I have all this brown ribbon left over....are you thinking, what I'm thinking?


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  1. Your kitchen is so inviting. I love the countertop and the sink. (of course the curtains too)


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