Saturday, September 25, 2010

Full of surprises...

Most mornings, my husband has already left for work before the girls and I are up. The other morning, this is what I found attached to the refrigerator...

A sweet little note from my husband! Don't you just love that he took time to draw a leaf and use different colors too! It made my morning, just seeing the note!

And, I was completely shocked when I opened it up....Wahooooo!!! Starbucks, here I come! He's full of surprises!


  1. That's a fantastic note! My hubby leaves Maddie little notes every morning when she isn't up in time for him to leave too!

  2. Way toooooo sweeeeeeet! My hubby complains about my Starbucks habit, wish he gave me gift cards instead. Your blog is so sweet and filled with lovely things. Have a great week.


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