Thursday, September 16, 2010

stART: If I Were A Lion

Izzie is studying the letter "L" this week. So, for her stART project, we read, If I Were A Lion. It's a cute book about a little girl who has to sit in time-out. While there, she let's her imagination run wild...pretending to be different animals.

Izzie really wanted to use scissors for her craft.... you can see, she's still having a difficult time cutting. However, she really likes using scissors! I did find these Maped Koopy scissors with a spring that are super easy to manipulate....but, she still needs some more practice.

So, while she was punching out the little circles, I quickly cut out a non-destroyed circle before she noticed.

On to gluing the mane...then, adding face features...

The completed lion....GRRRRR!!!!

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  1. Cute! I found that Meghan can do straight lines okay, but curves are just too much.

  2. He lion turned out cute. We have problems with scissors here too. Just takes practice and time for this skill.

  3. Red Ted adores cutting too, and I always try and let him have a god. Lovely! the lion is very very cute! We also did one this week :-)

    PS Link up to this week's Kids Get Crafty?

  4. She'll get the hang of those scissors eventually! I like this circle lion very much!

  5. I love that lion - so cute! Once I challenged my son to draw something entirely out of circles and he drew a lion like this!!! Scissor skills are so tough to master. We haven't read this book, but I'm adding it to my library list.

  6. The lions is so cute. I love the mane of circles.


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