Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool: Letter I and Number 1 Unit

Welcome to Izzie's first unit for Preschool 2010! I had planned for the unit to take only one week, but we spent two weeks on it. She reviewed colors, practiced counting to 20, writing the number 1 and letter I, learned about the different biomes and read a lot of books!

Her Bible memory verse (see above picture) for the unit is from Raising Rock Stars (Letter I).

The sight words for the unit were "I" and "can". Instead of making a book, I left the pieces separate, so she could use them to make simple sentences.

The graphics are from Raising Rock Starts (Letter I).

For Science, she learned about the different biomes. For complete details, please visit the original post.

To review colors...

We read Dog's Colorful Day and she completed several activities. Click here to see all the activities for this book.

Her shelf work contained activities relating to colors. Click here to see a detail post about the shelf activities for this unit. I kept the same shelf work out for the entire two weeks.

The game for the unit was Candyland, which is one of her favorite games!

Math activities included...

Learning to write the number one. The Kumon number cards are excellent!

She's using Horizons for her math curriculum.

Skip counting by one's up to number 20. This puzzle is great to use to help her recognize numbers 11-20.

Addition cards by number one (zero to number 9).

She used the magnetic pompoms to help her calculate the total. I was really impressed that by the end of the unit, she had memorized the math, when she is asked any of the above addition equations, she knows the answer without having to do the math!!

The letter for the unit was letter "I".

In addition, to the sandpaper letters, I created these textured letters for her to trace, while she says the sound of the letter. Printable letters are from here, then I attached a textured ribbon.

She's beginning to write fairly well and enjoyed the various handwriting practice worksheets.

She really liked practicing her writing skills on the lined dry erase board (Target $1).

During week one, she reviewed short sound letter "i', as in iguana and inchworm.

She worked with the Cuisenaire Workbook and Rods.

She read I Wanna Iguana and completed capital letter "I"craft. Original post here.

She loves reviewing on Starfall.

She read Inch by Inch, measured different birds, and graphed the data. Original post here, where there's a link to the graph.

She made a lowercase letter "i" to look like an inchworm. Inspiration from Totally Tots.

And, she enjoyed completing two inchworm file folder games. Printables here.

For the second week, I introduced her to the long sound "i", which she quickly picked up on.

She sorted these picture cards (long "i" or short "i" sound).

To celebrate the long "I" sound, she completed several ice-cream activities...

Capital letter "I" ice-cream cone. Inspiration from No Time For Flashcards.

Sequencing numbers 1-10. Printable here.

Matching lower case and upper case letters file folder game.

Completed a very cute emergent reader.

Used her magnetic pompoms complete the ice cream magnet page.

I quickly made some blank ice-cream cone strips and she went to work with her Dot Markers to make patterns. She is so into patterns these days!

And, of course, we had to complete the unit with ICE CREAM!

To see more Preschool activities, please visit...

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  1. WOW. You are so organized. Great ideas and I would love it if you would share your daily schedule with them? I am struggling. I need to do housework as well. are u doing this evryday or a few times a week?


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