Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brown Bear Reading and Writing Activities with FREE printables!

Izzie's handwriting is improving! I taught her to write her capital letters first, which now I regret not starting with her lowercase letters and I'm even thinking now, maybe I should have starting with cursive writing...decisions, decisions, decisions! She has been struggling and basically refusing to write in lowercase. With a lot of praise (sometimes, begging), she's attempting to write in lowercase letters!

Since, we've been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, she has been practicing writing the words, "I see".

Letter I...she wanted to see if she could write 100 letter I's!

Letters "s" and "e"...she starts with the homemade sandpaper letter (to practice the correct stroke), then moves on to the large tracing letter (inside sheet protector, so she can reuse), and finally she writes the individual letters on her dry-erase board.

Putting the letters together to write the word "see".

Writing the sight word "see" and then reading the simple sentences!

Brown Bear Writing Sight Word See

Cutting and pasting the newest sight word, "see".

I've included the handouts for this cut and paste activity. **However, please notice that the pictures are missing.** You could have your child draw in the correct picture or do a little cutting and pasting, like I did. I was unable to find any Brown Bear characters clip art on-line, but I did found some here. So, I printed the characters off, taped them onto the handouts, and made a copy (so, Izzie could color the characters).

Brown Bear Cut and Paste Sight Word SEE Page 1

Brown Bear Cut and Paste Sight Word SEE Page 2

She also completed activities for sight words, "I" "see" and "a", from Kindergarten Crayons Sight Words Packet. Worth the $15! A variety of sight word activities for the entire year!

Throughout the week, she retold the story to Mac (priceless) using the story-props!

And she read these simple sentences from the book, then matched up the correct character.

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  1. These are great! Thank you! We're doing some other activities related to Eric Carle books this week so this is perfect timing.


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