Saturday, October 22, 2011

Works For Us...Extending Workbook Pages

Izzie enjoys doing "worksheets". I'm fine with her doing worksheets. During the day, she receives a nice balance of worksheets, hands-on activities, mommy-led work, and independent work. However, I'm starting to notice that she is FLYING through her work, then wants MORE work. SLOW DOWN, please...I'm having a hard time keeping up! So, to help her slow down and to review the concept, I'm trying to find ways to "extend" the work...

Beginning sound worksheet...cutting, pasting, and matching picture cards to correct beginning sound. Izzie had this completed within 3 minutes, then looked at me with a face saying, "Done...what's next?"

So, to extend the skill/concept... I pulled out the Alphabet Sound Drawers "n, g, t" , mixed up all the objects, and had her sort them by beginning sounds.

Izzie is strong in math and she can easily look at the problem and verbally tell me the answer, but, to extend the skill/concept, manipulatives are always fun to use!

I'm curious to know, what others are doing to help slow down or spread out the concepts. I've been going at her pace, but we've already finished her kindergarten first semester math this rate, she'll have the entire kindergarten curriculum done by February! Do, I keep up with her or do I slow her down?

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