Monday, October 31, 2011

If You Give A Cat A Cupcake

My little girl turned 5, so this week we are celebrating!
And played this great reading comprehension game about the book!

She matched capital and lowercase letter cupcakes...

This day, she insisted that she would start with letter "z" and work backward! Which was hard; therefore, she got very frustrated...

So, the next day, she thought of a new technique. She would start with letter "A', and then go backward...umm, interesting. When asked why she just didn't do it the "correct" way...she answered, "Mom, that's too easy!"

Practicing writing the alphabet in lower case letters. Handout can be found here.

Reviewing the letter "C" sound by playing this fun cupcake game, even Mac had fun playing! The cupcakes in the middle have picture cards on the inside, if the picture began with the letter "C" sound, then they could place it on their plate. However, if they chose a cupcake that was completely black inside without a picture, they had to place all their cupcakes back in the middle. The girls had a blast playing this game!

I found this adorable cupcake sight word game! Izzie reviewed the sight words, "I, see, a" and was introduced to the sight words "is, this".

Completing the cut and paste activity for her newest sight words "is" and "this". She is so proud of herself, when she is able to read the simple sentences...priceless!

Izzie working on her new sight word "this" cut and paste activity.

I was thrilled when I found this mini book about cupcakes because it had Izzie's two newest sight words, "this, is".

In addition, she completed this activity and assessment worksheet from The Mailbox.

Word families, --at, --ig, and --op

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