Friday, October 14, 2011

More Mouse Paint Printables...

During the Mouse Unit, Izzie reviewed reading color words and was introduced to two sight words, "a" and "am".

Cutting and pasting the sight word "am" to make simple sentences, which she was thrilled to read!

Sight word worksheets with color crayons...

Mouse Paint Cut and Paste Sight Word Am Page 1

Cutting and pasting sight word "am" with color words.

Writing the sight word "am", then coloring the crayons and mice the correct color.

Mouse Paint emergent reader reviewing color words and the sight word "am".

Mouse Paint Sight Word I AM Reader

Pocket Chart

Izzie reading the simple sentences!

Words and mice for pocket chart. You will need to color the mice.

Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Sight Words

Izzie reading longer sentences and matching up the correct color mice!

Practicing writing "I am". Handout found here.

**I cannot find the site where I printed this handout and there isn't a website anywhere on it! I'll keep looking and update when I find it, again!**

Izzie's mouse drawing.

Journal writing and drawing!

Click here to see Mouse Paint Sight Word "A' printables!


  1. Where would I find the cards for the color words? The big cards, ie the word red is in red.


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