Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Blue and Little Yellow

This week at Coop, the Storytime From A to Z letter was "Y" and the book was "Little Blue and Little Yellow".

Review from here: Illustrated with splotches of color, the story has several layers of meaning from the simple story of friendship through the exploration of color to the feelings of racial prejudice. We are shown Little Blue as a ragged circle of blue on the white page. Later we meet his mother and father, his many friends, but especially Little Yellow who lives across the street with Mama Yellow and Papa Yellow. Using only these simple shapes, Lionni shows the children at school and at play. Then, when Little Blue and Little Yellow are separated for a bit only to find each other at last, they are so joyful that they hug each other and turn green. As a single green shape, they play and then go, first to Little Blue's house and then to Little Yellow's only to be rejected and unrecognized. They cry little blue and yellow tears until they are all tears and then, punningly, they "pull themselves together and go home" as separate shapes again.

To review the letter "Y" sound, we discussed words that begin with the letter "Y" sound, then completed this cut and paste activity.

Letter Y template can be found here and the picture cards from here.

Afterward, they were able to mix the colors blue and yellow to make green!

Little Blue and Little Yellow

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