Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tot School: Birthday!

This week, Izzie turned 5 years old! To celebrate, Mac's Tot School shelves were birthday related!

What's on the shelf?

On top:
Size sequencing, printables are here and here and here!

1. Letter H magnetic puff page.

2. Which Is Different?

3. Number cakes with candles (a fabulous find at a yard sale this summer for only 25 cents and there are 10 cakes and more candles!)

4. Pre-Writing practice pages

5. Clip and Learn

6. Shadow matching puzzle

Other fun learning activities:

Memory Game with these cute cake die cuts (same yard sale and only 10 cents, seriously, this lady was a retired preschool teacher, who had a ton of resources...she was practically giving it away!)

Scissor Skills...her FAVORITE activity!!

A trip to the bakery for a cupcake!!

An afternoon at the library and the playground!

Celebrating Izzie's birthday

And, a trip to the zoo!

Mac loved reading the map for us!

Be sure to check out the following for AMAZING BIRTHDAY printables!!


2 Teaching Mommies

Homeschool Creations

Musings Of Me

Spell Outloud

Totally Tots

Tot School

Mac was 31 months old


  1. So many great activities! Lucky thing about that yard sale. Congrats on the great finds!!

    Stopped over from Tot School.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I wish we had a birthday to celebrate right now so I could do a fun birthday theme! The trip to get a cupcake must have been a big hit!

  3. Love this! Check out my links to blogs about school birthdays (including this page) at


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