Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Week 2

I have a huge list of projects that I want to make this year for Christmas. To encourage me to finish at least one project per week, I've decided to share each week what I've made. I would love to see what everyone else is making too...I love sharing and receiving ideas!

This week, I received Izzie's ABC digital scrapbook that I created using Shutterfly.

I absolutely love to scrapbook, but I am so far behind! Therefore, I decided to try out digital scrapbooking. I'm sold! It was so quick and easy...and I have a completed scrapbook too.

Izzie loves to look at her baby scrapbook. She really enjoys recognizing herself and other familiar faces on the pages. Therefore, I decided to make an ABC book about her. I think my first digitial scrapbook turned out fantastic...I'm so excited for Izzie to see her life through the letters of the alphabet.

I would LOVE to see your homemade Christmas gifts too! Please feel free to link below.


  1. Instead of worrying about putting together photo albums or scrapbooks every year in the beginning of July (Madison's birthday is at the end of July) I put together a whole Shutterfly album of the previous year. I have been doing this since Madison was born so we currently have 3 albums and I will probably finish up when she turns 18. I love them and Madison loves taking them out and looking at how she has grown over the years!

  2. Amanda you are good...I am SOOOO behind on my Shutterfly books. I made one for my first daughters "year in review" and gave it to the grandmas for Christmas - they LOVED them. My daughter is now 4 and has a little sister that is 2...and I still haven't finished the 2nd "year in review"! Note to self - get those shutterfly books DONE!!


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