Thursday, November 19, 2009

*REPOST* Super Stocking Stuffers: Oh Baby! by Casie Review and Giveaway!

Do you have a little one who enjoys throwing their sippy cup or beloved toy onto a dirty floor? My nine month old has begun tossing everything over the side of her car seat, while we are in stores. When this happens, I cringe to think about the dirt and germs that are on the floor and now on my daughter's sippy cup or toy. I recently discovered a genius idea to keep my daughter's belongings inside her car seat and off the nasty's a Sippy Strap designed by Oh Baby! by Casie. A Sippy Strap would make a great stocking stuffer.

There are several adorable designs of Sippy Straps at Oh Baby! by Casie. Each Sippy Strap has an elastic non-slip end to put around a sippy cup or toy. The other end of the Sippy Strap can be placed around your child's wrist or attached to a car seat, stroller, highchair, or shopping cart.

"The owner of Oh Baby! by Casie had this to say, "I am a stay home mom to a wonderful little man named Jackson, who is now three. I have been a crafter most of my life, it's just in my blood. I love making gifts for family and friends and now I have found Etsy, which allows me to widen my circle of friends to craft for. I am always looking to find new products that will make life easier, in my searching I came across a leash for sippy cups/ bottles. I wish I could say I invented them, but sadly no. However, within 5 minutes of using the store bought version, my son had figured out how to open the Velcro closure. So, I can proudly say that I have RE-invented and perfected these. I use an elastic non-slip strap around the sippy cup/bottle, which requires a MUCH higher level of hand/eye coordination to dismantle. At 13 months my son could open the Velcro on theirs and at 3 years old he can't remove mine! They work great for most size bottles, sippy cups, and even stuffed toys/lovies to keep them off the germ filled floors and parking lots. Hope this RE-invention will help your life as much as it has helped mine!"

Mac tried out the new Sippy Strap, while at the grocery store. The elastic non-slip part of the Sippy Strap fits perfectly around her sippy cup and the opposite end of the Sippy Strap was secured on her wrist.

After finishing with her drink, Mac tries to toss her sippy cup onto the dirty grocery store floor. Thankfully, the Sippy Strap saves the sippy cup from falling onto the floor!

The Sippy Straps by Oh Baby! by Casie are a must-have to keep your child from tossing objects onto the floor.

Oh Baby! by Casie has agreed to giveaway one Sippy Strap to a lucky reader for your child's stocking!

You have 10 chances to WIN:
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry)

1. Mandatory: Visit Oh Baby! by Casie etsy store and choose which Sippy Strap you would want for your child's stocking.

2. Make a purchase from Oh Baby! by Casie during the giveaway period.

3. Become a fan of Oh Baby! by Casie on Facebook.

4. Publicly follow my blog (Izzie, Mac and Me).

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6-10. Post about the Oh Baby! by Casie giveaway on your blog. (Be sure to leave a link and you will need to leave 5 separate comments, which can be short and simple, such as #1, #2, etc).

The giveaway will close at 10pm (EST) on Tuesday, November 24. One lucky reader will be randomly drawn.

Disclaimer: The product reviewed was provided for me free of charge in return for writing a review and hosting a giveaway.


  1. Yea!

    I like the green dots one for my son.

  2. I follow the moon and back.

  3. I have your button on my blog

  4. I am a facebook fan of Oh Baby! by Casie


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