Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

Izzie is 38 months old.

We had another fun week of Tot School. This week on the shelf, there were several new activities about leaves!

This was a very simple matching activity. Izzie placed the different color leaves in the correct basket. (Not sure where I found this activity...printed off last year before I started blogging.)

This was a favorite, Izzie really enjoyed tracing the leaf. Traceable leaf is from Kids Soup.

I found this super fun game at My Montessori Journey. Click here to see more details about game.

Falling leaves created by Izzie!

In addition, Izzie participated in Naturally Curious Tots this week. The theme was Animal Tracks and Homes. Click here to see earlier post with more pictures and details.

Izzie matched the animal tracks to the correct animal. Cards are from Montessori For Everyone.

And she completed her Matching Animals With Their Homes puzzle. Similar puzzle found here.

Other activities of the week included:

Teaching Mac how to push her shape sorter walker.

Playing with "Mac's" new My Pal Scout by Leapfrog. Grandparents visited for the weekend and brought each girl a new toy. Izzie received the game, Don't Break The Ice, but preferred playing with Mac's new puppy!

For more Tot School activities, check out 1+1+1=1.


  1. What a great week!!! And Mac is adorable!!! :)

  2. Great Leaf Game. I'll have to check out My Montessori Journey. I've never heard of it before.

  3. I really like that leaf sorting activity.

  4. What a great week! I am also off to check out the leaf game---my kids would enjoy this!!

  5. What a great week, the girls are so cute together!!

  6. I am impressed with how well Izzy can trace. Nothing like this is happening here. It's a very cute picture of Izzie helping Mac.


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