Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Naturally Curious Tots: Animal Tracks and Homes

This week's theme for Naturally Curious Tots is Animal Tracks and Homes.

Izzie searching for animal tracks and homes...

We visited the VA Wildlife Center, a hospital for native animals.

I found these great animal track matching cards at Montessori For Everyone.

This activity was a bit challenging for Izzie. To help her self correct, I added matching stickers to the back of the matching cards. She enjoyed guessing which set of tracks belonged to the animal and checking to see if she was correct.

She also played with her Matching Animals With Their Homes puzzle. Similar puzzle found here.

To see more Naturally Curious Tots searching for animal tracks and homes, visit Mommies Wise Little Bookworms.


  1. We have those cards too I put them on a ring and we take them when we take nature trail walks so we can match up the tracks!

    Love the Puzzle that is super cute!

  2. I found those cards after we had finished our unit. We did a sheet that was similar from A-Z nature.

    I really like your week. Great puzzle too.

  3. Those animal tracks cards are great!

  4. You did a lot on animal tracks. Thanks for the link to the animal tracks cards - this is pretty neat.

  5. I love the track matching cards AND the animal home matching cards - great activities. Love the picture of the owl too!

  6. We have used those animal track cards as well.

    This is a fun theme. We also used some of our animals from our toy collection and were able to get some pretty good prints in play doh.


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