Friday, November 11, 2011

Beginning Sound Graph...Freebie!

Izzie has been practicing her beginning sounds, which can get a little dull with flashcards, so she completed this activity to add a little excitement...

I found these adorable planet cards (Planet Ant and Planet Elephant) with pictures at Kids Soup (used for a different game, but worked great for this activity!). This day she worked with letter sounds "a" and "e". I placed all the sound objects (for letters "a" and "e") from her alphabet sound drawers in the dish. She randomly (kinda) drew out an object, said the name, then decided if the beginning sound was "a" or "e". She then placed the object on the correct planet (Planet Ant of Planet Elephant) and dotted the correct letter sound on the handout.

She didn't bore of this activity! She worked several more days with different sounds.

Letter sounds "c" and "f'.

Letter sounds "b" and "d".

Here's a copy of the handout...pick any two letters for the bottom and let the fun begin!

Inspiration for handout from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. She has a ton of amazing ideas, be sure to stop by her blog and check them out!


  1. What a precious idea! Your two girlies are so cute.

    I am your newest follower.


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. Is it possible to still get this as a freebie? My school computer blocks a lot of random websites and links and it will not let me open this one. My email is


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