Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learning to read and spell...

I must admit, I've been dragging my feet on teaching Izzie to read. Izzie has known her letters since she was 2 and their sounds since she was 3, we read a lot together, and she "reads" a lot to herself...I love to hear her retell the story my memorization or just when she completely makes up her own story! But, it's time to really "teach" her to read, so here goes...

She knows all her color words by sight and she's learned a handful of sight words thus far and she has begun sounding out simple "CVC" words!

I decided to start with the -at and -am families.

I found this activity at Kids Soup. She had to place the beginning letter on the truck, sound out the CVC word, then find the matching picture. This was a hit!

After a couple days of just sounding out the words, she began writing the words too! The handout can be found here.

LinkI found a book (similar to this one) this summer at a yard sale...it's has activities for each word family!

She colored the pieces...

Cut and laminated...

Then sounded out the words and matched with correct picture.

The book also came with slider pages...she decorated, cut out, and laminated!

After she mastered the -at family, we moved on to the -am family.

This activity came from Kidsoup...she had to sound out each word, then decide if it belonged to the -at family or the -am family.

She also competed the -am family slider from the book mentioned above.

In addition, she had a blast creating words with her Leap Frog Word Builder for the -at and-am families.

Reading her first Bob Books!

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