Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If You Give A Pig A Party with Printables!

We're still celebrating Izzie's, we read "If You Give A Pig A Party".

She played several games from The Mailbox. I absolutely love these books! And, I love that each game comes with an assessment worksheet to complete after the game/concept.

Reviewing beginning sounds "d, f, and h", while helping the birthday princess!

Reviewing color words with birthday balloons!

She reviewed her newest sight word "this" and color words with a cut and paste activity.

Balloons Sight Word THIS Cut and Paste Page 1

Balloons Sight Word THIS Cut and Paste Page 2

Balloons Sight Word THIS Cut and Paste Page 3

I found this birthday emergent reader, which was great for her to review her previous sight words " I, see, a".

In addition, I found this Counting Emergent Reader, which was great to review sight words too! Shannon at Kindergarten Hoppeninings has a TON of FREE birthday printables!! I

She also completed the beginning sound clip cards and 3-part cards from Homeschool Creations.

We're having so much fun during her birthday week! It helps that I've been able to find so many great birthday theme ideas!

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