Saturday, November 26, 2011

Field Trip: Martin's Grocery Store

The girls had a lot of fun on their tour of Martin's Food Market! If you have a Martin's in your area, I would highly recommend this FREE fieldtrip! Click here for more details! We toured the store, stopped in certain sections for a brief educational message, then had a little sample taste of food! Izzie's favorite part was wearing the Deli hat! At each store section, they received a sticker for their hat!

At the deli...tasting garlic bread!

Heading to the produce section, where they were allowed to taste cheese and organic chocolate milk, which Mac really enjoyed!

They even got to tour the huge freezers!

Mac's favorite part, besides tasting all the food, was Larry the Lobster! Izzie was scared that he was going to pinch her, so she was a little skeptical about petting him.

In the produce section, the tour guide brought out a fruit tray, which the girls could not get enough of! Literally, those four little girls ate the entire tray! They kept getting back in line for "one more".

At the end of the tour, they each received a goodie bag!

A super fun way to learn about the grocery store and the different food groups!

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  1. What fun...I will have to check if any stores in our area have a similar program. My grandson would love all the behind the scenes stuff, and eating.


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