Monday, November 14, 2011

Space Unit: Astronauts! Freebies!!!

The girls are having so much fun learning about space and astronauts! We've been reading "I Want To Be An Astronaut" and "Space Boy".

They worked really hard to make these adorable letter "a" astronauts! They used "glow in the dark" stars, which were a lot of fun! They kept running to the dark bathroom to see the stars "glow"!

Izzie writing her "Astronaut Alphabet". I've been having Izzie write her alphabet (capital and lowercase letters) every day and it's really helping her handwriting!

To continue writing practice, she copied these simple sentences...using her sight words and color words. "I see a (color)", then should would color the astronaut the correct corresponding color. She loved reading the simple sentences to me!

She also completed these activities to review her sight words...

Reading and dotting the sight words. Cupcakes sight words can be found here. I was inspired to make this handout from 1+1+1=1.

She LOVED this roll and graph activity...Izzie loves all roll and graph activities and the spin and graph activities! So, I decided to take that "love" and let her roll and graph sight words!!

I made her dice from an old tissue box!

Astronaut Space Race Sight Words

Here's a blank copy to add your own sight words...

Izzie is doing a fabulous job sounding out (reading and spelling) the --at family words.

Here she is choosing a picture, then sounding the word out to spell it on her blending mat.

Short a Word Families

For more reading and writing practice, I created these little astronauts with the --at family words on them. Izzie would choose an astronaut, sound out the word, then write it on the handout. Finally, she would color the astronaut the correct corresponding color. This was EXCELLENT for INDEPENDENT work!!

Far Out Words -At Family

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