Thursday, November 3, 2011

Math Activities...If You Give A Pig A Party

Here are a few birthday related math activities that Izzie has been working on, while reading the book "If You Give A Pig A Party".

Drawing the correct number of candles on the birthday cake!

Coloring this birthday cake by number.

And, coloring this birthday cake by shapes!

Working math problems with this adorable math mat and candles!

Cutting and pasting the birthday presents in order from largest to smallest.

Spinning and of Izzie's favorite activities!

Oh, yeah! Another spinning and graphing activity!

Not only does she love spinning and graphing, just loves rolling and graphing too! Have I mentioned that she really, really enjoys graphing?

Counting the birthday number clip cards.

And, of course she played several math games from The Mailbox!

Simple addition

Putting numbers 1-20 in correct order

Be sure to check out the phonics activities that Izzie completed for the book "If You Give A Pig A Party"....and, there are some free printables, too!

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  1. I have to give you a shout out! I get a lot of traffic to my blog because of your posts. I love seeing the activities in action. Thanks so much :0)

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