Saturday, November 12, 2011

Space Math Activities with Freebies!

Izzie has been learning a lot about the planets this week! Here are a few math activities that she completed.

I found these stars and space rockets at the Dollar Tree. I wrote numbers 1-10 on the stars and simple addition problems on the space rockets.

Izzie had a BLAST matching the addition problem rockets to the correct star sum!

For more simple addition practice, she rolled the dice, counted the total number, then dotted the star with the correct sum. She was able to complete this activity very easily, so to increase difficulty, I gave her one 12-sided die (numbers 1-12) and then a normal die (numbers 1-6) for her to try...a little more challenging!

This first handout has numbers 1-12 inside the stars to be used with 6-sided dice and the second handout is blank, which can be used with 12-sided dice.

Sums in Space 6 Sided Dice

For this activity, she had to match up the same color planets (several days, she decided to match up different planets), count and write the correct number from each planet, color the corresponding planets, complete the simple addition problem, then write tally marks.

Space Addition

Izzie can count by two's, so for practice she completed the following activity. Draw a star strip from the pile, count the total number of star by two's, then record the total on a star. She really enjoyed this activity!

Stars Galore

I was inspired to create these activities by Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Be sure to check out her blog for amazing ideas and her TpT store for completed units. I wish I could purchase one of each!!

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