Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Unit Math Activities

Here are a few math activities that Izzie completed to go along with the book, "If You Take A Mouse To School".

AB school patterns...cut and paste.Link
ABB school patterns...cut and paste.

Working simple addition problems with numbers and counters. The cute backpack math mat can be found here.

Another spinning and graphing activity...she literally begs to do these!

A lot of dotting...

Another way to practice one-to-one correspondence with numbers 1-10.

Finally, dotting the teen numbers. I had her dot the first 10 spaces in one color, then we added dots (in a different color) to equal the teen number.


  1. Here it is. I love this site too! Thanks for all your great ideas.

  2. you turn the pages into books when your daughter is finished?

  3. Thanks Jackie for finding that link for me! Yes, I do turn the pages into books, then hole punch and place in a binder. I actually have a 3-ring binder that I keep all her emergent readers in...she loves to go back and "read" all of them! Great for reviewing!


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